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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Someone blundered on a Sell Order

Came across this whilst going through the market in

Someone has posted for Sale a Capital Processor Overclocking Unit 1 for 1 ISK vs the going price in Amarr of perhaps 20m.

I greatly suspect they meant to post that as a Buy order.

I of course purchased the item - it was only 2 jumps out of Amarr and in Highsec.

A nice small profit for me (once i am able to sell the item).

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Started Planetary Interaction

My newest market i am entering is Planetary Interaction.

In its simplest, Planetary Interaction is is the extraction of resources from a planet and then the repeated combination of these resources, with processors on the planet, to make further products for eventual sale on the market.

The final products are mostly the POS / Sov Structures and POS Fuel.

The beauty with Planetary Interaction (known as PI) is that each of the items extracted (Resources) and all the products processed (P1, P2, P3, P4 where, you guessed it, P1 products combine to make P2 products etc) are available to be bought or sold on the market.

Therefore, it is possible to buy P3 products on the market, haul them to a planet and then process them into P4 products to be hauled back to a station and sold on the market.

Or it is possible to buy P2 products on the market, haul them to a planet and then process them into P3 products to be hauled back to a station and sold on the market.

In other words, you can make ISK from PI without actually extracting Resources from any Planet.  Think of PI as Mining and Manufacturing but on a Planet.

Many claim that PI is "passive income" - mainly because you can set up facilities on a planet to automatically extract resources + combine them to make P1 products + combine them to make P2 products all on the same planet and all this occurs when you are offline, much like manufacturing.  This can be set up to happen over a week and all the player needs to do is adjust the extractors once a week (need not even undock to do that) and turn up to the planet once a month to take the finished products to the market for sale.  Sort of like mining AFK.

Therefore, the way i look at Planetary Interation is in two parts.

Firstly, there is the extraction of Resources to be combined to make the P1 products.  This is best done outside of Highsec given Highsec planets don't tend to have a high concentration of some of the desired Resources.  This is like mining, afk.

Secondly, there is the combination of Products to make higher level products.  This can be done in Highsec and indeed this is there i am focusing with my "Factory Planets".  This is like Manufacturing.

My entire aim with Planetary Interaction is to combine P2 products i bought on the market into P3 products to be sold or to combine P3 products i bought on the market into P4 products to be sold.

In my first month at trying this (having skilled up) i made 681m ISK and in January to date i have made 555m ISK with just one alt operating 5 planets.  I greatly suspect this will achieve my golden rules of being low time usage + earn at least a Plex a month + high margin.

I will be going more into what i am doing in later posts but i note that the likes of Foo who blogs at foo-eve.blogspot makes part of his living with Planetary Interaction in Wormhole space.

The most useful videos i have found are:

The 8 minute CCP Planetary Interaction guide is a good place to start.

Two 40 minute videos by Gorthour Decievers on Planetary Interactions.  The first video deals with setting up an extraction Planet.  The second video deals with setting up a factory planet.  Excellent starting videos for Planetary Interaction.

They are included on my useful video page.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Don't forget to collect your free 20 days dual training time

As part of the Christmas gifts CCP gave each account 20 free days of dual training.

This must be claimed by 13 January 2015 - which is getting very close!

You don't even need to log into the Eve game to do this, just your account via the internet browser.

To claim the 20 free days you need to log into your account and click on the Multiple Character Training box:

Click on the sign offering the free 20 days. 


 and then press on "Open Queue":

and in-game you can start training on a second alt in your account.

Its free 20 days of training, makes no sense to miss out.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A new out-of-game market browser.

With the new Crest data feeds coming on-stream (which will most likely stop cache scrapping*) a new web browser version of the Eve Online market place was brought to my attention**

It is at Tycoon and it looks a very complete source of market information - though I am still in the process of testing this.

The layout is very similar to the ingame layout.

So far:

  • It is perhaps the most complete data set i have seen
  • I am not sure, though, when the data updates.  For example, i can see that some of my recent orders are not shown

Unfortunately, it crashes my first generation iPad so I am restricted to using it on the PC.

But i am liking what i see so far.

*technically cache scrapping is against the EULA but a blind eye has been turned where the cache scrapping is not considered an exploit etc

**I can't actually remember who brought this to my attention but I am pretty sure it was one of the great weekly market videos by Lockefox at the Eve-Prosper Blog

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Some nVidia Graphics Cards struggling

If you are like me and have a humble GeForce GTX 260 then you may be struggling when you go through some warp gates.

My screen starts glitching, flashing and eventually gives out.  The screen then goes off and then comes back on again with the message "Nvidia display driver has stopped working and has recovered".

Well, the player "IBIS BANDIT MASTER" over at the Eve Forums has found a temporary solution: it appears that if the Shader on turned down the "Low" then that will solve the problem.

Indeed, back in 2012 there was a similar problem with a similar solution.

To turn the "shader" to low:

1. Press the escape key to bring up the Settings Window
2. Select the "Display & Graphics" Tab (it is on the far left)

3. On the right hand side, Set the "Shader Quality" to "Low"

Works a charm for me.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

am i being a bit thick here? - Item Hanger to Market Delivery Hanger

So, given my alts are in my own Corp (makes shifting ISK and items around my trading hubs much easier) each alt has its own Item Hanger and the Corp Market Delivery Hanger, as shown below:

As a reminder, if my alt buys from the market or accepts items from a contract or has a courier contract set up to bring items to him then those items are put in its "Item hanger".

Alternatively, if i do any of the above but use my Corp Wallet then the items are put in the "Market deliveries" hanger.  I can set up contracts to haul from "Market deliveries" hanger to another "Market deliveries" hanger.

The advantage of items being in the "Market deliveries" hanger is that any of my alts can access them to set up contracts, for example.

For example, when i buy items in Jita to be hauled to Dodixie i use my Corp Wallet and so the items go into the "Market deliveries" hanger in Jita.  I then set up a contract with Push Industries to haul to Dodixie.  When that courier contract is completed the items are put into my "Market deliveries" hanger in Dodixie and so my Dodixie alt can access them immediately.  I don't have to log on my Jita buyer to contract the items to by Dodixie alt.

Now, this is my question.  How can i easily transfer items from the "Item Hanger" to the "Market deliveries" hanger?

The only way i know how is to set up an "item transfer" contract with my own Corp and then log in with another alt to accept it on behalf of the Corp - i can't have the alt that set up the contract accept the contract.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Push Industries - Contract Tracker

Push Industries, which is the ingame service (corp) i use to haul my items from one alt to another, recently launched a service which allows players to see the status of their contracts in or out of game called MyPushX.

I can use it to see where in the queue my courier contract is and so get an idea of how long it will take before it is accepted.

All it requires is for each alt that uses it to create an API Key (access mask 0) and then register with the site.

Given i use my corp to set up the courier contracts then i don't need to use this site ingame - i can readily use the ingame contract tab to check.

However, out of game it is useful - no more do i need to log in to Eve to check the status of my courier contracts.  I can use my ipad to check the status and then log in to post the items once Push Industries has delivered them.

It also has a stats page that shows your total history per character,

To date, i have created 601 contracts with Push Industries, total fees paid of 13.8bn ISK, total collateral Push Industries have put up is 714.1bn ISK, total volume hauled 2.7m m3 and total warps 9536.

I suspect there is more that can be done with this - for example, an email could be sent once a contract is completed.

But, so far, i like it.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A quick low risk profit

I noticed this in Dodixie recently - a Brutix Blueprint being sold for 540.7m ISK when the going NPC price is 570m.  I am never quite sure what the seller has in mind with these sorts of sales but there we go.

A quick check on revealed that 570m is probably the universe standard price given it is driven by NPC sellers:

And a quick check on the volume of sales in Dodixie shows that a sale at that 570m does occur every week or so:
Therefore, I bought the Blueprint and reposted it at 569.999m.

And, sure enough, within a week it had been bought:

To me, that is an example of a very low risk way of making 29m ISK less broker fees (0.80% = 4.6m) and Sales fees (0.90% = 5.1m).  Sure, the net margin after all costs is (3.6%) but it is an almost risk free profit of 20m for 10 seconds work.


Monday, 1 December 2014

Someone has blundered

While perusing the market I spotted this below:

Someone has posted a Capital Energy Burst Aerator I for 1 ISK vs the normal price of 4.6m.

Not the biggest of blunders but I am willing to bet that the seller was infact trying to post a Buy Order for 1 ISK.

As ever, these blunders are for info - I can guarantee that I will make blunders and likely breakeven on the "blunder trade"!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Sense of Humour

Whilst putting a courier contract together i obviously tried to send it to the where i was.

Below is what popped up:

Seems someone indeed has a sense of humour!